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Having recently signed up I was a little anxious about going to classes and being the ‘newbie’ but everyone, including Owen made me feel very welcome from day 1! There’s always a friendly atmosphere, the classes are great and Owen’s always there for support / to watch your form! Highly recommend.

– Sarah Bond.


Absolutely love going to The Studio. Always gone to gyms before, but this is completely different! Very friendly atmosphere with fantastic sessions put together by Owen, which are easy to follow. Owen is always watching to make sure you are following the correct form and pointing out where you can improve. Cannot recommend it enough!

– Simon Jukes


I’m a busy working mum and having not exercised or indeed even liked it for quite some time, meeting Owen and training with him has been the best thing I’ve done! I’m achieving things I never thought I would under his expert guidance and motivation, and I love every second!! Both body and mind are improving! Thank you Owen!

– Kerry DeCaux


Such a great place, already feeling the benefits of the great instruction from Owen. Lovely vibe to the Studio looks so good and very upmarket. Forget the gym, come here instead!

– Matt Nolan


By far the best gym experience I have ever had. Thanks for bringing this amazing concept to Cardiff Owen.

– Sarah Murray


Owen is a fantastic trainer and the facility is amazing! I had never done weights before starting in April and I’m enjoying it so much. As someone who has felt uncomfortable in conventional gyms my whole life, I love the ethos of The Studio.

– Liz Rees


Never enjoyed exercise before being recommended to try The Studio Method. It’s very different (better!) than anywhere else I’ve tried. Zero intimidation.

Owen is an expert trainer–and a very nice guy to boot–and is attracting a very motivational/supportive tribe of positive people to come and work out one-to-one or in small groups. Very motivational and progression is fast, but very manageable.

The Studio design wouldn’t look out of place in an urban five-star hotel… definitely a secret to be shared with those you know and like!

– David Bartlett


I’ve been training predominantly in the gym for over 6 years and went down to visit Owen for my first session this week. You couldn’t be in better hands with Owen. His experience & professionalism shines through very quickly and in less than 30mins he had already altered my technique that I’ve clearly been doing wrong for many years. The building & interior itself is incredible.

– Rhys Hartley


So impressed, brilliant trainer and top-notch facility. As a regular gym goer and having tried different styles of training over years, I was struggling to find the level of care and expertise I need. If training is important to you and you want to progress, don’t hesitate to give this a shot.

– Marsi Irani


The Studio is inclusive, friendly and effective. Owen has developed a culture which ensures there is no intimidation or self-consciousness on the premises. Despite having been a member of ‘regular’ gyms for circa 15 years, I quit my membership after just one session at The Studio… and I have no intention to reinstate.

Be warned – if you go there, you will see results, make new friends AND feel healthier.

– Helen Parry


Started training at the Studio through a recommendation…continue training at the Studio because of the excellent almost one-on-one PT, the other people training and the whole atmosphere.  Training has helped with my posture, my all-around strength and also my running…I couldn’t imagine not training there as part of my training regime.  The progress I feel I have made in less than a year has been amazing. 

– Andy Cole


I started training at the studio to fall back in love with fitness and chose here based on recommendations from some close friends and will never look back!

The Studio offers me the opportunity to improve my strength and fitness in not just a ‘gym’ but a non-judgmental environment with excellent atmosphere to train in.

I love training at the Studio because the staff are friendly and approachable with my development in mind. Oh… And the changing rooms are spotless and beautiful… something very important to me and missing from almost everywhere else!

The emphasis placed on technique I find beneficial, learning how to engage muscles differently and developing strength efficiently without sustaining injury.

Aside from the fitness and strength that I gain from training at the Studio, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming helping me switch off from my research, clear my head and get my sweat on around a great bunch of people.

– Sophie Cox


As a long-term runner of advancing years, I found myself caught in an injury-recovery cycle. I’d get healthy, have six months or so of returning to form and then something would give. I decided in 2017 to try strength training to accompany my running to improve my range of movement, strengthen potential areas of weakness against future injuries while also helping my running economy by working on my coordination.

Owen’s coaching has helped me significantly in all these areas. I’d not used free weights before – only static gym machines – and I had to start from scratch in both form and weight and I’ve had gradual, incremental improvement in all areas; I started lifting off blocks, and then under close instruction I’ve been able to move off these and increase the weight I’ve been lifting.

It’s been incredibly satisfying improving my lifting while knowing I’m constantly being assessed on ensuring my form is correct, and it’s had a massive knock-on effect on my running where I’m running my best times for two and half years. I’d recommend The Studio for anyone who’s looking to start training with weights in an encouraging environment where form and technique are of paramount importance.

– Richard Skyrne


I train at the studio because I love the environment and culture Owen has created.

My strength and fitness has improved massively with my squat increasing by over 40% from my previous PB in the 18 months I have been here.

The best thing about training here is the atmosphere. While we all take the training seriously there’s still plenty of banter ……… even at 5.45am.

My back pain has improved massively since training at The Studio, which is not what you’d traditionally expect considering we are lifting weights but the changes to my technique in the classes have been beneficial to my general posture and core strength which transfers into my day to day life which involves sitting in front on a computer for 12-14 hours a day on a regular basis.

I have done a lot of different sports and training methods over the years and I can honestly say this is the most sustainable solution to a regular training programme I have found.

I tried the Crossfit thing and whilst I did enjoy the competitive nature, the lack of ability on my part and the coaching not being provided in standard classes, it wasn’t long before injuries started to set in which culminated in a complete break from all training and thousands of pounds on getting my back issues resolved so I did not suffer any long-term, life-changing issues.

The Studio is different in so much that it is actually tailored to everyone who comes through the door depending on their injuries, ability and what they want to achieve. We all train together but, dependent on ability, the workouts are scaled to suit, which is perfect.

– Mark Rogers


My goals when I started were simple: ease the pain in my hips & lower back due to sitting and be able to get up from the floor easily.
Owen at The Studio has created an inclusive, non intimidating and welcoming environment to learn to lift, squat and get that heart going. The sessions are small groups of lovely friendly people (even at 6am). Personal advice on form and a motivating approach means this 50+ woman can now lift, squat and get up from the floor with ease!

Excellent place and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.

– Nicky Genders

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